So I visited the アイカ village in Dream Suite

These are just some of my opinions of the interpretation of the story that is played out in the アイカ village.

This is a long post, so if you have visited the アイカ village, and are interested in possible theories regarding different elements of the village, I think this could be a cool read. <3

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私はベッドに行くベき… *cries into biceps*
accidental internet poetry

accidental internet poetry

everybodys got parents, even hookers

i dont remember turning my fan on and also turning it away from my bed so that it faces me why is there a ghost in my house and in my room why

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Melodies of Life(Guitar Cover) - Final Fantasy IX

i watched confessions of a teenage drama queen and freaky friday today. and then tonight mean girls was on by pure coincidence.

i think this is some sort of omen about lindsay.

like the movies are some ironic foreshadowing to a tragic event in the near future.

i wish lindsay wasnt an emotionally depraved addict.

she was really beautiful and totally had potential but she definitely fucked that up real bad.

ghost in the shell had srsly incredible artwork

ghost in the shell had srsly incredible artwork